What is my mum doing, seriously?!

Remember that London fella my mum met – not the paramedic one, but the other one? Well whilst we were at my aunties house, down south, my mum started seeing him. It seems with her that the best thing for getting over her ex boyfriend(s) is to get herself involved with another – her decision at the end of the day, as I’m barely even a teenager!

With the two previous flings over and done with, my mum wasted no time in inviting the new fancy fella up to our house from London. I wasn’t really bothered about it at the time, I mean I was living in some fantasy child land trying to convince myself that my dad hadn’t just died – even though I knew he was obviously dead. Anyways, this new guy was funny, and he even used to play against me on my Playstation. I thought he was mint to be honest! This guy was the first of none to eventually sit me down and explain that my mum and him were going to be together and that he had no intention of trying to/ replacing my dad. I thought this was rather adult like of him at the time, but it didn’t stop me thinking, “Well I know that you muppet!”

My mum and this guy were beginning to get more and more serious as the few months passed. My mum and I had travelled down to his flat in London and had a good weekend away – again, away from any of my troubles.

Several months passed, probably not even that actually, and this new man in her life moved in to our family home. My brother was not impressed, and as the months passed I noticed that he became more and more jealous of this guy. I on the other hand, didn’t care so long as my mother was happy!

It wasn’t long before another holiday was on the cards. I thought, “Aw man, here we go again! That’ll be me missing more school”.

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